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YIP Internship Proposal for February-March 2013


  • GROUP WORK FOR THE CAFE: How to create a shared reality
  • Also the option of visiting different initiatives near the café: Monte Azul, The HUB, Aramitan etc…

Dear YIP 5,

We invite you to participate in the process of creating a cultural space where youth can create the future that needs and wants to emerge. To create community in São Paulo!

A little bit of Background:In my eyes (those of Franzisca, YIP 4) Brazil is an emerging place. A great piece of land that is slowly waking up. That is calling its people to take initiative and to be who we need and want to be. This movement is still very shy, as I see it. But is coming!

São Paulo is in this land a very busy place, full of overlapping life and of  traffic. I also see though, hidden behind all this noise, a tenderness. A desire of community and of sharing… a desire of arts and its sensitive quality.  São Paulo has a huge cultural baggage and maybe this is the city’s biggest potential…

The Café Abaetetuba is located in the Culture Center Rudolf Steiner in São Paulo. The Center has been for many years a more exclusive place for antroposophists. And now it is slowly opening itself to the world. The Café has a big role and opportunity to be the “bridge” to the outer world.

Emerging things that could use your help:

  • Cultural Space for Youth: There is the desire to bring more youth in the Culture Center Rudolf Steiner. The idea that is in the air is to make the Culture Center also a Center for youth (for us) to have our activities, initiatives and projects. The youth section already has a small room, that can be transformed into a co-working space. There is also an idea of having an art atelier near by the Café so we can develop our art while inspired by others, working together! A third idea is to have in general a more youth “friendly” space, a sofa, a guitar and to have shows with the emerging artists, to expose the art pieces of the young painters… The main question here would be: How can we create a space in this Culture Center, where youth can develop their projects and ideas? An idea: Oasis game!
  • Youth Program-Training-Sharing: In November there was a gathering around youth program-taining-sharing. Where we came together (we were more or less 20) and shared our views on that topic. What is needed? What do we want? What is a Youth Program? There were many different views, but mainly there were two: A youth program somehow like YIP, where a process is hosted by a group of people not participating of the program, where one can fully jump on the trampoline and fall knowing someone will catch. And the other idea is the after this program, what comes? A more self designed program, where sharing and co-working is the base, where the participants are the host as well, and where there is time to be in the world; to have a job, go to university and so on. Those two ideas are mingling into each other in the Culture Center Rudolf Steiner. There is the idea of having next year a series of curses for youth in the Center. Another emerging thing is the transformation of the Culture Center in a place where youth can also be present as showed before. The Question here is: What form does this program wants to take? What need to be done so it rolls itself into creation ?
  • Advertisement and Decoration: The Café has just started half a year ago. And it is still in its formation process. It needs much help in the advertisement of the place, so people can get to know this new possibility! It also need to know what the people that pass by want and need. Do they need an organic food? Or do they need lunch? Or do they need…? All of those are questions that need to be asked. In the daily work of serving the coffee, we forget, or have no time to look at them. Another point that still need help is the decoration of the place. The Café Abaetetuba has a new name and it need a new decoration that fits the name! It needs a logo, a sofa!! :)Another point I see it a more delicate question. What is the Café and what relationship it has with the different people involved? What does it need to become? What is its essence? And what wants to emerge? The Question here is: What is the Café, what does it want to become? And what needs to be done?

So dear yippies!

I hope this is helpful and inspiring! A hug, Café Abaetetuba!